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We refer to cookies as the ‘cookies’ or other similar digital content or technologies available that is also covered by the EU Directive.

What is a cookie?

We may use 'cookies' or other similar tracking technologies such as pixels or web beacons and anonymous ad network tags on our website that help us track your website usage and remember your preferences. Cookies are small files that store data files on your computer, TV, mobile phone or other device. They enable the entity that put the cookie on your device to recognise you across different websites, services, devices and/or browsing sessions.

Why do we use cookies?

We may record certain information you use of our website, such as

  • we obtain data regarding website usage and if your browser has previously visited the website to ensure we remember your preferences;
  • identifying other pages or third parties’ websites your browser has accessed;
  • providing customised content, support and advertising that may be relevant to your interests and needs on the website or third-party websites such as Facebook or other social media platforms;
  • providing fraud detection
  • to identify and monitor your use on the Online BusinessCentre website
  • to understand the links, you have opened, and activities associated with advertising on our website.
  • to monitor your use of digital or any type of media choices or preferences from third party websites, which has been granted by the owner of the website


We may use cookies to enable us to collect data that personally identifies you. For example, where a cookie is linked to your account, it will be handled similar to all other personal information as described in our Privacy Statement, click here to read our Privacy Statement.

How are cookies used for advertising purposes?

We use pixels or anonymous ad network tags on our website to collect data such as pages visited, time on page, clicks across website as an example to assist advertisers to report on performance. The use of pixels or anonymous ad network tags provide us the opportunity show you relevant ads and to identify when to show ads to you. Whilst you do browse our website, you should be aware that these pixels of anonymous network tags can view, edit or set their own cookies, similar to if you had visited their website.

We do use aggregated data in order to show you relevant advertising. You can accept or disable cookies in your browser, please see the section ‘Do I have to accept cookies?’. If you disable cookies, you will still see ads, but they will not be matched to your interest, which are generally set by those specific cookies.

How are third party cookies use?

You may visit pages that have third party links or embedded media. These links or embedded media and any other content from third party sites may contain cookies. We recommend you read their Privacy Statement, cookies policy and other information located on their website or where applicable.

Session Cookies & Persistent Cookies

Session Cookies

Session cookies temporarily store memory to remember you during your visit. All session cookies expire after you have closed the browser. 

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are used to help remember settings or preferences that you have chosen on your device. Allowing this access provides a faster and convenient access. We use cookies to provide auxiliary services to help measure and analyse user behaviour patterns on the website and advertising consumption based on targeted advertising.

Do I have to accept cookies?

All website activity is voluntary. Most computer systems and browsers allow you to adjust your privacy settings to disable cookies used on the site. You are able to disable cookies but features available on the website may become limited such as language selection, time selection. Location-based services on your mobile phone or browser can be controlled via your privacy settings. If you need assistance on how to access your privacy settings, please contact your service provider.


For more information about cookies, please visit




Links to more information on disabling ads and opting out

Google Analytics

This cookie provides us with an understanding on how you interact with our website. All data collated in Google Analytics is anonymous.

Google Tracking

This tracking cookie has 3 uses:

1.  It provides us with an understanding of what advertisements has been clicked

2.  What content you have engaged with on the website

3.  Provide you with targeted advertising based on your engagement with the website. 

Facebook Pixels

We may provide you with targeted advertising based on your engagement with the website.


This cookie enables us to understand how many users click on our Ads via LinkedIn to come to our website. We may also provide you with targeted advertising based on your engagement on the website.